The Salem City Library respects the privacy of all library patrons, including minors, and will treat all library patrons, transactions, and records non-judgmentally and confidentially.

Circulation Records

The Library will not disclose any circulation records.

Patron Registration Records

The Library will not disclose patron registration information.

Library Cards


All residents of Salem City over the age of 8 are eligible for borrowing privileges at the Public Library.  For all residents, there are no fees required to receive a library card.  For Nonresidents there is a fee of $25.00 per year or $12.50 for six months per family.


In order to receive a library card patrons must complete a Membership Application, providing name, mailing address, street address, telephone number, date of birth, and email address.   In addition to providing the above information, applicant 17 or younger must provide a signature of the parent or guardian accepting responsibility for the child’s use of the library card.

Proof of Address

The person accepting responsibility for use of the library card (the adult applicant or the parent/guardian signing a minor’s application) must provide proof of current address.  Acceptable forms of proof include: valid driver’s license or state ID card, utility bill, rent receipt, lease or mortgage agreement, or imprinted check, postmarked piece of mail delivered to the street address.

Card Expiration and Renewal

All library cards, with the exception of Nonresident cards, are valid for a period of two years from the date of application and may be renewed by verifying that application is current.  Otherwise see terms of eligibility.

“Card in Hand” Requirement and Exceptions

To perform a transaction, a valid library card must be presented.

Loan Periods and Renewals

The loan period for all circulating materials, except videos and videogames, is three weeks.  Videos and videogames check out for one week.

Patrons may renew materials by contacting the Library in person, by phone, or online.   An item will not be renewed if another person is waiting for it, or if it has already been renewed two times, or if it is more than seven days overdue.

Ready holds will expire in 3 days.  Ready holds for ILL’s will expire 3 days before they are due to the lending library.

Item and Transaction Limits

To help optimize availability of the collection to the public, the Library applies the following limits on items that can be concurrently charged to a patron’s card:

  • 8 videos
  • 8 audiobooks  8 kits (children’s book and CD)
  • 3 videogames
  • 30 total items

Fines and Fees

The Library collects fees for the following: materials returned after their due date, interlibrary loans, replacement cards, non-resident cards, lost or irreparably damaged materials, photocopies printing, and faxing.  The following are fines and fees assigned to the above items:

  • $0.10 per day per book
  • $0.50 per day per video, audiobooks and videogames.
  • $2.00 per replacement card
  • $2.00 per damaged Audio/Visual Case
  • $5.00 per damaged audio disc
  • Damaged/lost items: item replacement cost + $2.00 processing fee.


The Library makes a printer and copy machine available for public use.  The Library will collect a fee of $0.10 per side of page.

Fax Machine

The library has a fax machine available for public use. The fee is $2.00 per fax.  For receiving faxes, the fee is the same.

Overdue and Billing Notification

Patrons will be notified about overdue materials either by email or mail.  If a patron fails to return overdue materials within 90 days after a third notice has been made, the materials will be considered lost and the patron will be billed for the replacement cost.  If lost materials are not paid for within 14 days of being marked lost, the bill will be turned over to the Bonneville Collections for collection.  Patrons will pay up to 40% if sent to a collection agency for the collection fee.  A late interest of 1.5% may be added to my fines after a 3 month period of nonpayment.

The Library will not check out materials to any patron with outstanding fines or fees above $5.00.  Borrowing privileges will be restored when materials are returned or outstanding fees are brought under the established amount.

Interlibrary Loan

The Library will attempt to meet the needs of its patrons by developing a well-rounded collection.  However, in the event that the Library’s materials are inadequate to meet a particular need, the

Library will, upon patron request, attempt to borrow desired materials from other libraries.  The Library will honor other lending institutions’ policies, including loan periods, replacement charges, etc.

To help defray the cost of delivery, a $3.00 fee per item will be charged to the patron.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services allow patrons to obtain materials from participating libraries throughout the United States.  The Library is able to request many types of materials from these libraries, which can be checked out for use at home.  In rare cases materials provided through ILL will be restricted to in-library use only.  Users of the ILL service must hold a valid Salem City Library card.  The following paragraphs describe the ILL policy.

  1. Definition

ILL is a transaction in which the Library borrows materials through the Utah State Library.  In accordance with Utah State Library (USL) ILL policy, the Library checks availability in the USL’s online catalog before submitting an ILL request and the USL serves an intermediary between the Library and other libraries when requesting ILL materials.

  1. Interlibrary Borrowing
    1. Users
      1. All current Library cardholders with accounts in good standing may request specified material through ILL.
      2. All borrowing privileges, including ILL, of patrons who accumulate overdue fines over $5.00 are suspended until sufficient payments are made to reduce the overdue balance to less than $5.00.
  • Failure to return ILL items on time may result in suspensions of library borrowing services to the delinquent patrons.
  1. What can be borrowed
    1. Books, audio materials such as audiobooks and books on CD, videos (VHD or DVD), articles and photocopies from materials may be requested.
    2. Some requests may not be filled due to high demand, copyright restrictions, inability to locate or rarity of item. iii. Materials that will not be requested include items owned by the Library and temporarily in use or on order in the Library.
  2. Submitting a request
  3. Patrons may place an ILL request in person at the Library or by calling the library.
  4. Turnaround Time
    1. ILL requests will be filled as quickly as possible. Turnaround times varies depending upon the lending library and materials requested.
    2. Patrons will be notified by telephone or email when their materials arrive at the library.
  5. Loan Period
    1. Loan periods are determined by the lending library. Items generally are loaned for six weeks.
    2. A due date will be assigned when the patron picks up the item. Items will be considered overdue and fines will accrue of they are not returned to the Library by the assigned item due date.
  6. Conditions of use
    1. The Library will strictly adhere to conditions set by the lending library for the use of their materials. In rare cases this will require that loaned materials be used in the library and not checked out for use at home.
    2. Items should be returned to the circulation desk for proper processing, and not deposited in the book drop.
  • ILL identification labels should not be removed by the patron.
  1. Overdue and Lost material charges
    1. Lost, damaged or stolen ILL materials are subject to the lending library’s rules and regulations.
    2. Upon notice that an item cannot be returned, the Library will contact the USL who will contact the lending library as to the charge for that material.
  • Charges for lost or damaged materials, as well as overdue charges for ILL items are the responsibility of the borrower.
  1. These charges will be reflected on the patron’s Library account and may impact his/her borrowing privileges.
  1. Renewals
  2. The lending library determines whether or not renewals are allowed, and no renewals can be made unless the library has been given proper notice and approved the renewal.
    1. In certain cases lending libraries will not allow renewals.
  • Contact the Library to request information on specific item renewal options.

Otherwise see Internet Use Policy

If someone violates Internet use policy, they will be banned from computers for one month. If it happens a second time, they will be banned for 6 month. A third time, they will be banned for one year.

WiFi is only open during library hours and is password protected.