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Movie Mondays will be held after school lets out–

Start time will be between 2:30- 2:45 pm.

Sept 4- Closed for Labor Day


Sept 11- Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

PG (1985) ©Warner Bros.

A nerdy man-child sets off to find his missing fire-engine red, custom-made bicycle, meeting many unusual characters in his search.

Sept 18- Wreck It Ralph

PG (2012) ©Walt Disney Pictures

A video-game villain attempts to change his image by participating in a first-person-shooter game, but in the process, he wreaks havoc in his virtual universe by freeing an evildoer who can only be defeated with the help of an unlikely ally.

Sept 25- Ratchet & Clank

PG (2016) ©Focus Features

An oddball alien and a robot defend their galaxy from a villain with a planet-destroying weapon.

Oct 2 –Bedknobs and Broomsticks

G (1971) ©Walt Disney Pictures

An apprentice witch, three kids and a cynical conman search for the missing component to a magic spell useful to the defense of Britain.

Oct 9 – Closed for Columbus Day

Oct 16 – Hotel Transylvania 2

PG (2015) ©Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.

Dracula teaches his half-human grandson how to be a vampire with the help of his fellow ghouls, but their efforts are complicated by the arrival of Dracula’s dad, a traditionalist vampire named Vlad.

Oct 23 –Casper

PG (1995) © Universal Pictures

The Friendly Ghost attempts to befriend the 12-year-old daughter of a paranormal expert, but his nasty ghost uncles wreak havoc.

Oct 30- Halloweentown

NR-TV Movie (1998) ©Walt Disney Pictures

A benevolent witch must save her peaceful home town from an invading dark force.

Nov 6 – The Brave Little Toaster

G (1987) © Walt Disney Pictures

A group of dated appliances embarks on a journey to the city to find its master after being abandoned in its cabin in the woods.

Nov 13- Descendants

NR-TV Movie (2015) © Walt Disney Pictures

The trouble-making offspring of villainous Disney characters get a chance at redemption when they are freed from the forbidden Isle of the Lost and allowed to attend a prep school for the first time.

Nov 20 – The Nightmare Before Christmas

PG (1993) © Walt Disney Pictures

Jack Skellington, king of Halloween Town, discovers Christmas Town, but his attempts to bring Christmas to his home cause confusion.

Nov 27 – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

PG (2005) © Warner Bros.

Five children win a fun tour of a candy factory owned by an eccentric chocolatier.

*Take note: Movie schedule may change unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances.*

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