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Printable Tax Forms

Federal Incometax Forms

1040 Form Schedule A Form 1099MISC Form
1040 Instructions Schedule A Instructions 1099MISC Instructions
1040A Form Schedule C Form 1040-X Form
1040A Instructions Schedule C Instructions 1040-X Instructions
1040EZ Form Schedule D Form 4868 Form
1040EZ Instructions Schedule D Instructions  

More IRS Tax Forms and Publications

E-file Federal Incometaxes

Utah State Tax Forms

TC-40 Form TC-40A TC-40B TC-40C
TC-40 Instructions      

More Utah State Tax Forms and Publications

E-file Utah State Incometaxes

Individual Federal tax forms
Provo IRS Office
173 E 100 N
Provo, Utah

Individual State tax forms
Provo Utah State Tax Commission Office
150 East Center Street, Suite 1300
Provo, Utah
Monday – Thursday 7:00 am – 6:00 pm
(801) 374-7070

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